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Price: $150 / MYR 600 per task

Engage with the viewer

An explainer video (also known as a homepage video, overview video or conversion video) is designed to explain your company, product, service or subject in a way that your audience can understand in two minutes or less. Most explainer videos cover four key points: the problem, the solution, the features and benefits, and how the solution works.

More than just explainer videos

The key to a solid explainer video is keeping it short and engaging, while still conveying the right information. No matter what you’re explaining, an explainer video should leave your viewers with a clear understanding of what you do and a desire to take the next step.

Create a concept for an explainer video

Using animation to explain your best features, you can imaginatively show the real differences between you and your nearest competitors - while we work unflaggingly to develop the brilliant script & images you need to keep on winning.

Explainer animation video

You can demonstrate how your process or products work by telling a story. Or use animated characters to relate to your customers. Explainer Videos can take on a ‘tell not sell’ approach to educate your audience - or go route one with a full-on sales message.

Infographic video

If your message has a lot of data or needs to explain a complex solution - then explain it clearly with an infographic video. By showcasing your stats & business processes you’ll generate a credible proof of claim that will give buyers peace of mind. An Infographic Video is a uniquely visual style - built from a foundation of animated captions and charts in a persuasive clear way.

How animation video editing works?


Tell us your ideas and we’ll respond with creativity ideas, you can make a 25 % deposit before project is commence.


Have a one-to-one with an experienced animator and illustrator who are there to listen.


Exchange ideas over meeting (or online meeting) so the video message and your brand are in tune.

Script approval

Most important part of the process. The right words for your audience.


Images to go with the script. See on paper exactly how it will look.


Collaboration continues and the team get to work. Animator, editor, sound artist.

The Show

It’s 100% ready and exactly what you want, take a bow. You did it!

Explainer video for Ultranet Communication