“MyBetterWeb did a great job on our video, turn around time was fast and changes we requested were fulfilled without a question.” - ShiShu Tours & Travel Pvt. Ltd.

Price: $200 / MYR800 per task

Make your video more interesting to watch!

Our Time Lapse Video Editing Service makes the video clip appear faster than when it was initially captured. Just imagine you have to watch the entire process of a plant growing. With time lapse video editing, you can see this entire process in few minutes or even seconds depending on how the video was edited.

How holiday video editing works?

Our Time Lapse Video Editing Service offers in-depth editing with a microscopic accuracy of capturing the event. We are keen on every detail and choose the most exciting scenes to produce a mesmerising work of art. These videos are best used to cover commercials and movies with the use of special sophisticated cameras. Time lapse video can be done using normal speed recording, plus a professional time lapse video editing software to speed up the video. Another means to do this is by using cameras with built-in time lapse features which allow the camera to take videos in intervals of say 1 second in every 30 seconds.

Some events can last for hours while others last for just an hour or even less. Whatever the duration, it is sometimes boring very arduous task to watch an event in its entirety, especially events where you don’t notice much change. With our Time Lapse Video Editing Service, you can watch such events faster without feeling bored.

The other side of Pokhara - Charm of Nepal was shot over 2 weeks time span and edited with time lapse technique.